Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Betsy

Local favorite: F M Store for amazing deals on fabric and a huge selection of fringe, FRINGE, FRRIIINNNNGGGGE. Beaded, jeweled, tasseled, feathered, shabby, sleek -- they've got the fringe. Find F M Store at the corner of Fremont and Sunshine.

Ian, Lilly and I made a quick trip there today and, between the children dragging out every princess and superhero bolt of fabric imaginable (note to F M: please move character fabric off bottom shelf), I picked out these lovelies:

For what, you might ask? My super chic friend, Betsy, has asked me to make a fabric sleeve to house her wedding photo album. I got to work tonight and sketched out some plans on this torn out catalog page (recycle). No pattern for this one -- but I've got a plan!

I love my life. Really, I do. Nathan, Ian and Lilly, my wonderful parents, friends, Mac computer, etc., are mostly to credit for this. But, also . . . I try always to have some creative project going all the time. It keeps life fresh for me.

Hope you'll keep visiting my blog to see the finished product.

In the meantime . . . start something today. Keep life fresh.


  1. Of course I will keep reading, my funny blog friend. Especially if you keep blogging about people I KNOW! Not only did I work at Windermere for a few summers, when the fabulous Ms.B was but a pup, I also bought her washer and dryer before she got married. :) I feel we are playing a bloggy version of 7 degrees of separation. I need to get my craft on, keep up with the Yeebird's. :)

  2. Well lookie there! It's me! ha! I'm so excited for this, Rebekah! Looks really cool. Is it weird that I was fascinated by the sketch? It's a piece of art in itself! Thanks a lot!

  3. When you buy our BFF necklaces, please be sure to buy pure gold. I don't need a green neck this early in the summer. As soon as I can find the cord to my sewing machine, my craft WILL be on, and you shall post many blogs of envy and tears. Or not. :)

  4. This is going to turn out GORGEOUS!