Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day Series (3): Grandpa and Papaw

Not sure there are many gals on the planet who have two grandpas as wonderful as I do. My grandpa Marshall is a precious pastor. He loves the unlovable. He is good to my grandmother. He raised my dad, and did a pretty darn good job. He is said to never stop smiling. Speaking of never stopping, he never stops moving, either. Boundless energy!

Always so proud of his son, here's grandpa intently listening to dad speak at a convention in 2005.

My Papaw Huey is on the other side now. I miss him. Badly. Papaw never met a stranger. He could fix a lawn mower with his eyes closed. He fed birds and squirrels sometimes from the palm of his hand. He cooked a mean fried chicken. And he became better with age. Much better, every single day. And I see his gentleness reflected in my mama.

Another Father's Day gift idea--bookmark:

Print a small photo and stitch the four corners to a length of grosgrain ribbon. Trim ribbon edges at an angle.

This bookmark is three years old and still being used. Definitely a nice and practical gift.

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