Monday, June 8, 2009

Sugar Daddy and Purple Popsicles

A picnic is twice the fun
when daddy comes . . .

Honeysuckle tasting:

A rare moment -- mama not behind the camera:

One of my all-time fav photos. Oh, the joy:

Everyone's "a-weep" (Lilly)

Now, a story. Several neighbor children and their mamas came to play in our backyard today. I brought out popsicles and there were four green and only one purple left. Purple popsicles are Ian's favorite, but another child wanted purple, too. I asked the two of them to pick a number b/w one and five to determine who would win the purple one. Ian won.

When the little girl became visibly upset, I could see Ian studying me, waiting to see what I'd do. But, the cool thing about Ian is, he didn't say a word. Her mama had already graciously offered to get pops from her house. So, I asked her mama if she would mind running across the street to grab a purple popsicle for her little girl, and she did, of course. By the way, this little girl is completely and totally precious/perfect and we love her!

Four hours later . . . I'm snuggling with Ian, getting him down for a nap.

Ian: Mama, know why I love you so much today?
Me: No. Why, sweets?
Ian: Because you gave me the purple popsicle.

The moral of the story is . . . sometimes your oldest, quietest, most compliant, never-complaining child needs to get the purple popsicle. Even if he is the host and a guest wants it. Sometimes, it's just Ian's turn, not Lilly's, not anyone else's. Period.

And sometimes all it takes is a purple popsicle to remind that child of your love.

So now we have a new phrase in our house. When we've had a wonderful day full of goodness, we say, "It was a Purple Popsicle Day, wasn't it?"

I hope you, too, have a Purple Popsicle Day!


  1. "Sometimes, it's just Ian's turn, not Lilly's, not anyone else's. Period."

    I love this.

  2. Rebekah,

    I love reading your posts. You amaze me. Your family is so precious.

    Stephanie Brown

  3. This story brought teats to my eyes. It's so true and sometimes it's easy to forget. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Thanks, everyone. Real life makes the greatest stories, doesn't it?