Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trash to Treasure

It seems thrifting is on everyone's mind these days, or at least that's the case in the blogging world. Inspired by others' successes and determined to find the perfect piece I could transform into a fabulous bookshelf for the kids' rooms, the children and I headed to a local flea market.

If you've never taken your preschooler to a flea market, try it.
Zoo? Boring.
Library? Can't compare.
Park? Yawn.
Ian and Lilly were in hillbilly heaven at this place. Think, toys. Everywhere.

We didn't find the elusive bookcase, but we did find an hour of entertainment and got a good dose of second-hand universe enlightenment. Need I say, "We don't get out much?"

I think not.

Treasures collected:
Loved these colors. Have big plans to turn this into something beautimous. Stay tuned. Thank you, Lou Lee, wherever you are.

And the most beloved treasure of the day: Iron Man. Pure joy for a super-hero-ific four-year old boy. Completely overpriced, even at $1, but Ian hasn't put him down for two days.

At a playdate this morning, a friend said to Ian, "He looks kind of OLD."
Shhh. Ian doesn't notice. And he doesn't mind. To him, this is playtime GOLD.

Here's that super-hero-ific boy, tuckered out after a day of crrrazzzy thrifting with mama and sissy.

[Ahhhh. Good day.]

Oh, and dad -- I'm gonna take you up on that flea market date (I'm a seriously cheap date). You and me thrifting for treasures . . . can't wait to see what we collect!
just kidding mom


  1. turquoise is my favorite color...can't wait to see what you do with that oh-so-purdy bling!

  2.'re speaking my whole house is furnished (or should i say "furnished") for under 300 bucks. if you need any tips on which flea markets to hit up, let me know. :)
    and you didn't do nuthin'...i've just been busy and lazy...i am my own oxymoron.

  3. turquoise + orange= :D Love that!
    That pic of Ian sleeping...tooo precious!