Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Breakfast on the porch at Indian Point, overlooking Tablerock Lake.
No fighting. No whining. No wrestling one another to the ground over a grape (although that may have come a few minutes later. May.), all made for Nathan capturing some amazing shots.

So much fun was had this weekend. So many laughs. SO many. I am reminded what a blast it is to be away with mom and dad.

During the trip, dad told us about a recent article citing a link between skinny hips and dying young.
Me: "Geez, I'm headed for 250."
Mom: "I'm approaching immortality."
And since the purpose of this blog is to document my life journey, that quote has made it in.

More photos from this weekend:

Here's to immortal hips, coronary burgers, and a beached Nathan at White Water.
Thanks, mom and dad. We love you.

Anything interesting you'd like to share here about your fun weekend?


  1. love that info from your dad. and your super cute replies from you and your mom.
    when i was days away from giving birth to my first, my dad phoned me to say not to worry about it as he read pelvis size and feet size were correlated. lol. (i'm a size nine -- and he was right. lol)

  2. All 5 of us boogie boarded together! 2 days straight. Never done that before...but of course no documentation 'cause the photographer was riding the waves. Your documentation is wonderful. made me smile.

  3. Took the boys camping...lots of rain Friday night! Enjoyed seeing family from Ohio and Texas.


  4. I'm thinking you had a wonderful weekend. So glad you choose to share your pictures and thoughts. I love reading about your family. And this time I learned all about skinny hips. Glad to know I should live a nice long time!

  5. Hooray! You and I can blog along together into our third century. I am quite sure I will outlive you though; God was generous with my hips!!!