Friday, September 4, 2009

Ian's Amazing Alphabet

Letters, letters, letters. We've practiced, practiced, practiced all summer, and he's got it!!

I made this box from an Underoos container (I know, another one) to hold Ian's magnetic letters and alphabet cards. Begin by cutting 26 cards from patterned paper. My cards are 3" x 6". Next, choose something of your child's that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You might also choose an action (E--eat, use photo of Ian eating). Using Photoshop or letter stickers, place the name of the object on the photo. Glue photo to one side and attach a letter sticker to the other side. Use daily for letter practice.

A fun touch--I attached magnetic strips in the bottom of the container so Ian and I could build words inside with our magnetic letters. Exciting, yeah?!

Supply info can be found at Triple the Sketch (this project will be there on Saturday). Container cover based on Sketch 72. Have fun playing with this unique sketch and enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. Seriously! My kids would love to have you as a mom-you make the coolest things. Any chance you can come to Oregon for a bit?

  2. Love it! I've already downloaded the penmenship font and plan to do something similar! Thanks for sharing!