Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Prayer for You

Layout based on Triple the Sketch #71. Shimmerz--purple and yellow, sparkly, paint, easy application--what's not to like?

Create your own layout of the sketch and enter it for a chance to win some fun Shimmerz shtuff.

Oh, and if you've never prayed straight Scripture for your kiddos, I highly recommend it, especially during those yuck times when we feel completely powerless and need divine intervention!


  1. Beautiful layout. it is pretty enough to wear.

  2. i love it too and the suggestion to pray scripture :)

  3. Hey Rebecca! Have you ever used action sets in Photoshop? I just discovered them last night and now I feel the need to tell everyone how awesome they are:)

  4. Oh how I love your work.... beautiful. Beautiful prayer and verse. Hugs.