Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting Mona: A Wildlife Photo Essay

We first saw Mona hiding among the trees.

She wasn't sure about us, so we cautiously approached.

When Mona realized she could trust us, she came in for a closer look.

And when Nathan asked if he could take her picture, well, you can see she was flattered, if not a bit self-conscious.

Mona wanted to be sure we captured her good side.

Suddenly, the sock monkey's natural instincts began to emerge, and Mona couldn't get enough of mugging for the camera.

Oh, Mona. Now you're just showing off!

I think she'll be just perfect for a child burn victim at this camp who needs a special friend, don't you? I'll be sending Mona on her way tomorrow.

Have you checked out Craft Hope lately to see how you can help a child?

Check out this site for a helpful sock monkey pattern.


  1. I love Mona. She looks very cuddily...and flexible too. You are wonderful. She will be very loved I'm sure.

  2. Never has a sock looked so good, my awesome, creative daughter.

  3. Between your blankets and this monkey...I am borderline considering having another baby so I can snag your fabric works of art.

  4. Fabulous, as always. Great way to live out Matthew 25:40 before your children. :)

  5. Cute as can be! I love it and may just be looking to make my own monkey soon!