Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lightsabers on the Cheap

colored paper
younglings (children in jedi training, for all you non-Star Wars geeks)

Tape paper into tubes. Slide flashlight into one side.

This provided two hours of entertainment for my family tonight.

Countdown 6 days to kindergarten. Today the lump in my throat wouldn't go away. Darn you lump. Darn you kindergarten. Darn you guilt that comes with motherhood.

A fierce lightsaber battle helped me release some tension.

And yes, I am wearing a princess crown. In the realm of accessorizing, mama does what Lilly says. Period.

Any lumps in your throat today?


  1. These are a great idea! I'll have to do this with Madilyn.

    Praying that you will have peace during this big transition! I still have two years to go, and I'm dreading it already too. It is so hard!

  2. We just had our first day of school. All three are in HIGH SCHOOL this year! One senior and two freshman.

    It seems like only yesturday that I would rush to get them into bed and then you would come over and we would plan for our kindergarten SS class. You were a college student then, I was a mother of preschoolers, and neither of us had a kindergartener. They seemed so big!

    Enjoy this time! I won't state the obvious and tell you how quickly time flies....



  3. adorable idea for the craft book to be one day :)