Wednesday, August 11, 2010

St. Louis

First of all, THANK YOU for voting in the Lilly's big girl bedding election. I am processing your wonderful ideas and will keep you posted.

We returned home yesterday from a quick two day trip to St. Louis. Wanna see?

We spent most of day one at the Magic House. It is an amazing place where children can pretend, imagine, play, climb--you name it--all things my children adore. It's also been around a long time. I used to go there as a child growing up in the city. Fond memories.

JFK re-enactment by Ian in the Oval Office. Great idea, Nathan.

Is anyone else terrified at this thought: ??

Now, a much happier thought: careers in medicine would be fine with this mama.

I'm looking glazed over in this one. Must be about lunchtime.

Speaking of which, Lilly had some manic moments at Qdoba, but she recovered.

That night, we headed to Nathan's sister's house for dinner, bringing a chocolate torte and flowers. Happy 40th birthday, Aunt Amy!

We tackled the City Museum on day 2. I think Nathan said it best . . .
"I'm not sure if that place is brilliant engineering or just totally psychotic."

Either way, it's the talk of the city and an absolute thrill climbing ten stories through wrought iron/metal junk welded together in an insane combination. Yes, that is a bus hanging off the roof. Yes, you can go in it.

"We LOVE the City Museum!"

Thanks for going with us Uncle Charles (and for holding my stuff). You were a lifesaver!

Now, for the worst hair 2010 on a blog post. Oh well, it proves I made it to that crazy airplane suspended about 6 stories in the air (Lilly did, too. What a girl!). The boys went all the way up.

You see what YOUR hair looks like contorting and climbing through six stories of metal in 150 degree heat. Anyway.

The City Museum is crammed full of cool stuff inside, too. Floor two is the World Aquarium. The animals were all a little um, disturbed. Here, see us climbing THROUGH the shark tank. They were circling us. Bigtime. They know a meaty gal when they see one.

On the right is a baby stingray that kept itself vertical to the wall, seemingly trying to escape. At the bottom is a huge tortoise who beached himself on a large rock, also trying to escape.

Can't say I blame them. Note to City Museum--take care of your animals!

We wrapped up the trip with dinner at Fitz's, an old soda bottling spot across the street from Blueberry Hill on the Delmar Loop.

What's not to like about a place with happy smile fries?

What was your favorite travel spot this summer?


  1. Ok, we are headed to St. Louis hopefully real soon...thanks for some cool ideas of what to do there...I am so going to Google and check them out! Love those shots!

  2. Precious pix! What fun! And I love the JFK pose!

  3. what an awesome post, love the pictures! we didn't travel this summer because of baby girl being born. i'd like to take a trip, even if it's overnight, even if it's early fall :) i miss going to the beach.

  4. I can remember you and J2 standing at the water table in the Magic House when you were children. You would spend hours at that display. Always wished they had more benches for parents to sit on to watch. Magic House was one of your most favorite spots on the planet. Mom

  5. Awesome photos...such fun memories being made!

  6. I need an uncle Charlie to hold all my stuff too ;D

  7. What a fun family day out. but 150 thanks.

    question, i know you're watching your "habits". What is a good low calorie snack to grab or make when you HAVE to have a fix???

  8. some of my few memories from childhood are from the magic house... the pic where lily is crawling out of the hole... and i remember a wall of locks or lockers or something like that... ahhhh... it makes me want to load the kids and come for a last minutes before school trip. oh well...