Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matthew 5:44 IANterpreted

Nathan was discouraged this evening after a difficult day at work. A client didn't like some of his web design, creating a lot of extra redesign work for Nathan. After Nathan told three-year old Ian of this, Ian had many things to say.

Ian: Don't worry about work tomorrow, daddy. I'm gonna save you. I love you -- MUCH.

Mama: What are you going to do to save daddy?

Ian (enthusiastically): I'm gonna take those work guys and throw them outside and make them get run over by cars.

(Keep in mind Ian is normally a very peaceful child!)

Mama (horrified, yet amused): Ian, that is terrible! We would never want people to get run over by cars!

Ian: Then I'm gonna throw them outside into cold water.

(Okay, a bit better)

Mama: Should we pray for them instead? Should we pray God will change their hearts and help them be kind?

Ian (looking VERY confused): NO, mama! They were mean to my daddy!

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  1. I enjoy your blog, I ran across it while clicking 'next blog' - very refreshing, be blessed.