Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Generational Thing

Recently I made my first, official, start-to-finish quilt. Quilting was practically a religion to my Ma-maw Huey, and she instilled in me a great respect for the craft. Ma-maw once told me two ladies in her quilting circle at the senior center got into a fist fight over one's stitches being too far apart on a quilt the group was putting together. When I broke into hysterics over the thought of women in their 70's resorting to violence, Ma-maw's face became serious and she let me know it was not funny.

Like I said, practically a religion.

My mother, sewing-extraordinaire-and-perfectionist-extreme (in a good way), taught me to sew. I cannot count the times she has arrived at my door and delivered me from my latest sewing catastrophe (think 'monkey Halloween costume debacle of 2007', mom). She is a gifted, amazing seamstress, and my plan is for as much of her talent to rub off on me as possible!

When I sew on my wonderful Bernina inherited from Ma-maw, using sewing supplies mostly given to me by mom, it means something special to me every time. Seriously. History is significant to me, and I feel each project is a way to say "thank you" to Ma-maw and mom. It's my way of making a statement that what is important to them is also important to me, because of them.

Here are some photos of one of those "thank you" projects, a baby quilt for a friend who was having a girl. I am currently working on a similar quilt for a baby boy.

How do you say thanks to past generations? In what ways do you quietly honor them?

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