Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pieces of my day

You thought the "pieces" part was figurative, didn't you? I wish.

I also wish I had a before and after photo--not of my floor before and after the snow globe was launched over the sofa, intentionally, I believe--but of the look on my FACE.

Oh, Lilly girl. What a way to end my day. While getting Ian out of the bathtub tonight, I hear what sounds like a PIANO hitting the floor. I come running to find Lilly standing on the sofa, looking down over what I now call the snowglobe-of-Christmas-past.

Oopsie. It was quite the mess to behold. Shards of glass were embedded everywhere, including into the back of my leather sofa, but thankfully, NOT into sweet Lilly girl's skin, the sweet little girl who barely raised her eyes to mine long enough to whisper, "Sorry."

And if you're thinking, "Who lets a two year-old play unsupervised with a heavy glass snow globe?", then I have three questions for you:

1. What, doesn't EVERYone?
2. Whose blog did you think you were reading?
3. Have you ever had preschoolers?

My day was not all that bad, though. It started this morning with a family trip downtown to this place for cinnamon rolls:

I picked up a couple extra to attach to birthday thank you notes. Sweet treats for sweet friends.

Saints be praised! It was a 55 degree day here, so we walked to this downtown coffee shop for some make a man out of ya espresso. Whew-wee.

Back home, we all four played in the backyard (again, hallelujah for the warm weather!) and Miss Lilly Ruth rode on her real, big girl princess bike outside for the first time, with mama's help.

Wow! Are you still with me, dear reader? Well, thanks, now let's wrap up, shall we?

Later, I made a white pocket square for my honey so he'd look like this guy tonight (only hotter, because this guy doesn't help with my dishes or laundry and he'd probably call me ma'am or something). Nathan already has the swanky tie clip (No, not the $75 one from J. Crew, but a $10 one from JC Penney. Who can tell?).:

So where is Nathan tonight that requires suiting and a pocket square? The Addy Awards. The awards he rocks every year. EVERY. YEAR. I am nervous for him. The past three years, he has won about a bazillion of these awards (okay, maybe 20 or so), and I am sure tonight will be no different.

I miss you honey. And not just because I had to clean up the snow globe mess by myself. Good luck, sweet dear. Come home soon.


  1. maybe you can come to Canada to borrow my glue gun? it healed my favorite mug ;)

  2. hooray for warmer weather!!! (I can't wait for it to get here) boo for broken snow least she wasn't hurt.

  3. Loving the sun & the fact that Lilly was safe!

    Fingers crossed for your husband.... Let us know how it turned out!

    Love to you friend!

  4. Sorry to hear about the snow globe. I can only imagine the mess. Little kids are so fast to get into stuff (yet so slow to clean it up...hmmm). I'm glad she wasn't hurt!

    So jealous of your warm weather. Fifty-five? Did you turn on the air conditioning? ;) My idea of 'hot' has definitely been altered after this winter. Anything over forty makes the cut.

  5. Welllllll... what were the results of your handsome husband's big night?

  6. Kids get into everything - there's no way around it! Glad she wasn't hurt!

  7. Isn't Amycakes great?! I had my first cupcake from there this week and LOVED it! (I had chocolate with chocolate frosting but I hear they have one with peanut butter frosting which I think sounds amazing.)