Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Remember this bag, made by the fabulous Amy Butler?

My dear, sweet, ever the giving mother bought it for me. I know--she really IS the greatest mom.

Inside the box was this handwritten note from Amy to mom. I'm not into idol worship, folks, but a little hero exaltation never hurt anyone, right?

Who would you love to receive a handwritten note from?

Fill in the blank: it would make my day to hold in my hands the writing of _________.


  1. awesome! (bag and mom and note)
    ha ha. too funny about the olympic comment refraining. say anything that's on your mind, i tell you. we're about an hour away from vancouver. for the future, just so you know when you come visit canada, all the best stuff is in BC (but don't tell the east coast i said so ;)

  2. That bag is awesome! The note is like a big cherry on top :)

  3. i'm sure you'll have that puppy beautifully scrapped in no time flat! :))

  4. How sweet! That bag is super cute!

  5. it would make my day to hold in my hands the writing of my grandma that passed away 28 years ago (when I was 7). I would love to know what she thinks of my life today...

  6. Billy Graham. Mother Teresa. Abraham Lincoln.
    Grandma Moses. JS Bach. Florence Nightengale.
    Martin Luther. Mahatma Ghandi. And anyone else who changed the world with love.

    Great question!

  7. I'm stumped. I'll be thinking about this one.
    Congrats on the bag - way cute!

  8. Sorry, I spelled Gandhi wrong. Sometimes I get carried away with my keyboard!!!