Monday, February 15, 2010

Karissa B.

Five years old today, Karissa--happy birthday! Your mama and I can't believe five years have passed so quickly. You made me laugh when you opened this at your birthday party and said, "UGH! What's THIS?"

Sock monkeys are so goofy, aren't they?

I was very impressed at the way you thanked each guest as you opened presents. What a polite little girl you have become. Have a great day!


  1. she is cute! love the flowers around the eyes. the last one i made looked like a space alien with big white eyes. i need to make two pink and black ones this week myself. :)

  2. How wonderful!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. i was out of town this weekend, but was so excited to come home and see these 2 fun posts that you made! you are so talented! love the pillow and that sock monkey.
    flowers for eyes = amazing. love that idea!

  4. Thanks again for ALL your help at the party!! You and Nathan saved the day!! I think the monkey is awesome and appreciate all the time and love put into it!! You all are good friends, indeed :)

  5. Oh my! What an adorable sock monkey! You should sell them! I'd buy that one! :)