Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finding Jesus

While covering a picture he was making with Nativity stickers . . .
(Thank you, Patty Ingold)
Ian decided it was time to bring the Nativity set down from the attic.

Much rejoicing ensued when said Nativity was located and presented to Ian and Lilly. In fact, Ian broke into song, belting out a vein-popping rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
(Thank you, A Charlie Brown Christmas)

Ian proceeded to set up the Nativity, neatly arranging the shepherds with their sheep and the wise men together. Lilly was taking the donkey on a journey to Bethlehem.
(Thank you, Picture Bible)

The peace and excitement of that night in Bethlehem seemed to be playing out perfectly in my living room.

There was only one problem.

Jesus was missing.

Ian and Lilly would not rest until baby Jesus was found. We began our search, first ransacking the "stuff" tub, then Ian's closet and under beds, until baby Jesus was finally located at the bottom of a toy tub in Lilly's room.

And when he was found amidst much shouting and jumping, everything changed.

Appropriately, Jesus became the central figure in their play.

He was kissed

and showered with sweetness.

Everyone came to visit him.

It all reminded me, as Christmas approaches, may we keep Christ in it, at the center--of our holiday and our home.
(Thank you, God, for Jesus)

Merry (almost) Christmas.


    Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. As I read your post, I kept thinking I like this version of the question, "Have you found Jesus?" much more appealing! Your post is precious and touching, as ever :) Lily showering Jesus with her sweet kisses and placing him next to Cinderella on the play mat is priceless.

  3. This was the sweetest post ever! Thank you for totally making my day! ;)

  4. oh my..we must locate Jesus ASAP!! ;D

  5. Such a sweet reminder of what this season is all about.

  6. Love the story, so sweet. Love the nativity set. Thank you for reminding us that He is the reason we celebrate.

  7. awesome story. love ian's toes and black cape. great candid pictures.