Monday, November 2, 2009

I get a KICK out of you

Ian's first ever soccer game was tonight. The game opened with him kicking the ball from mid-court that scored a goal. He was good, really good!!!

On the way home: "Mama, I want to wear these special socks (shin guard socks) forever. Are you gonna make me take them off?"

There is that whole "bathing" thing, so, yes, we eventually took them off.

He absolutely LOVED soccer. Grandpa got some great iPhone shots/videos and I'll definitely bring my camera next week.

And just like that, I'm a soccer mom.

Immensely enjoyed hanging out with the Segars boys today. Seriously. Great. Kids.

The best part? My parents and their grandparents (Van and Jean Segars) are lifelong BFFs, and their dad (Shane) and my bro (John 2)/I were buds growing up, and today our children were having a blast together. Catch all that?

Anywho, it's just special to see a bond continuing for three generations. Nice. So glad to have them in town for a visit.

Thanks for the tree climbing, football throwing, leaf pile jumping, trampoline flipping, rock band playing, rowdy day, guys. Ian was in heaven. See you soon.

Oh, and I'm completely amazed no injuries were sustained in all the craziness. Whew.

Looking forward to you all moving here in January. See you then, friends.


  1. Love getting all the generations together; even better when everyone lives close enough to do it often.

  2. I was wondering how many band aids were doled out or how many ER trips were made :) So glad a good time was had by all.

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  4. I can't stand to leave a comment with a typo. had to delete the previous one. Those leaves are beautiful and are begging to have lily's picture in them.