Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soccer Star

Sheer delight to watch this little man play soccer.
Loving the two thumbs up he does to us with a huge grin after every play.
Proud of his hustle and the way he anticipates where that ball will go.
Amazed at how being a parent is so infinitely special, even (especially!) during a simple pre-K soccer game.

Daddy brought home a brand new, official youth soccer ball for this little man tonight.

Also brought home by daddy tonight?
"Up"--out on DVD today:

Ian still says the highlight of Disney World for him was meeting Mr. Fredricksen. Ian has an old soul.

Love. That.

He empathizes with Mr. F, and like him, Ian is kind and seems to possess compassion beyond his years.

We surprised Ian with an "Up" watch party. Grandma and grandpa showed up with a bouquet of helium balloons to celebrate the event.

Loved Nathan's tweet: "Ian watched "Up" tonight. We watched Ian."
He acted out every scene as he watched. He doesn't play the child, Russell's part. He plays--you guessed it--Mr. F.

I think he and Mr. F are kindred spirits. (Have I mentioned I love Mr. Fredricksen?)

Have you seen Up? What did you think?
What recent moments have made parenting extra special for you?


  1. too cute :)
    Haven't seen UP.
    I think Paxton pointing to his belly button and saying "poopy" (and actually needing to go and doing so on the potty!) has been my "extra special" parenting moment as of late.
    'Cuz ya know, pooping is a big deal :)

  2. I first took my oldest son on a date to see UP. He stared at me in the dark theater as i cried. you know the part.

    The second time i took my cub scout den to see it. They all stared at me in the dark theater as I cried.

    I loved it.

  3. What a cute post! I saw UP with A, D was deployed at the time. I bought it yesterday and today we are having a movie party ourselves! Not quite as fun as yours but we'll be popping popcorn which delights me! :) D hasn't seen it yet which is why were pretty excited!

    I loved the movie. The special tones of it and how touching it really was.

  4. i agree with sara, i watched it outdoors with my boys and they watched me cry too. love the forever love story in it

  5. I guess we need to rent UP!:-)
    One of my special moments recently is when Cami says momma....okay it sounds more like "bobba" but I know what she means!
    Love your blogs, makes me want to go home and snuggle with my little girl! Enjoy every moment!