Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our weekend is shaping up to be frighteningly fun . . .

Question: What's a kid to be on Halloween when he's a superhero everyday?
Answer: The Ultimate Superhero!
Spider Man mask
Captain America suit
Superman cape

Way creative, yeah?

The annual trick-or-treating at daddy's work:

Ms. Angela always has a haul of treats and toys for the kiddos.

Someone commented, "This coffee table is like a little stage for them."
Well, what isn't, really?

Making Crescent Mummy Dogs with grandma--I highly recommend this recipe. Both Ian and Lilly could participate, and they were way yummilicious. Everyone needs a hot dog for dinner once in awhile, right?

Ian and mama mummifying together:

While our mummies were in the oven, grandpa read to us from our favorite book of late, "Where's My Mummy?" Ian had to help grandpa with the spooky voices.

Oh, here is said book--the inspiration for all our mummy cooking this weekend. We've read it so many times, Ian can now sit and "read" it to Lilly. I love to hear him do the voices of Drac, Glob and BONES!:

These Mummy Cookies were a major hit this morning. Don't judge me, Ian did have oatmeal and milk for breakfast. (tip: Forget the cocoa; also, use gum drops instead of jelly beans for eyes--they're only 99 cents. We cut little bits off the tops and they stick fine.)

Daddy's cookies always look the coolest.

After losing its head and most of its extremities, this cookie was afraid. VERY. Afraid.

More Halloween pics to follow. Ian has two parties tonight. He's quite the social gadfly, you know . . .
(hopefully he won't mind his nerdy parents tagging along)


  1. fun times in the Williams' house. can't wait for your trick or treat pictures.

    By the way, i did not go to the middle school where i teach. ALthough when I first started my teaching career I was a sub at the middle school where I had gone. Lunch in the teacher's lounge was bizarre...

  2. Way too creative and fun fabulous memories for your kiddos :) Love this!

  3. Love all the mummies! I ripped out that recipe for Mummy Dogs too, but haven't made it yet ... I do believe I have everything I need though ... this week, for sure!