Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello, Fall + Another Lovey Surgery

Hello again, favorite Lilly bunny slippers.

Hello, wonderful memory--please stay in my gray matter always, because he won't be little forever:

Have you performed any important "surgeries" lately, or did something happen to you recently that you are determined to remember forever?


  1. I'm not sure on questions... all I know is my babes are growing up. Your dad cracks me up though. I had on my FB status last night: "Kickboxing tonight... Lord, please help me." I got a message from him that simply said: "Kickboxing?!?"

  2. When Hunter was one, he was given "Bear" by Santa. "Bear" immediatley became a family member. I'm sure like Ian...Hunter went NOwhere without Bear. Tragically during a sleepover at Grammie's house when Hunter was 3, Bear's ear (because Bear was actually a rabbit) was ripped off by Grammie's sweet fun-loving German Shepard. Grammie sewed Bear's head back together, but the ear was irreplaceable (as it rested in the belly of the dog, Sport).

    When Hunter was 4, Bear went to the park with us one day. Somehow when we got home from the park, after running numerous errands in between, we realized Bear was still at the top of the slide....at the park! We immediately went back and it was dusk by now.

    Bear was gone!

    Never again to be found. We made "Missing Bear" signs with his photo. Hung them all over the park. offered reward. Everything we could do. I will never look at a lost toy/ stuffed animal the same again.

    Sadly there was no happy ending. Many difficult nights getting to sleep after that. there has never been a replacement. I have one loyal kid.

  3. Oh and I LOVE lily's jacket. i want one in my size.

  4. oh! gorgeous photos and what a great memory! how sweet!!!!!! loved this post!

  5. Love Lily's jacket - such a happy pattern! When my son was a baby, my mom gave him a green frog. He carried it everywhere. Luckily we were able to find a second one later on, so we had a back-up. Interestingly enough, when my daughter was born, the same green frog became a favorite with her too. Love that they both shared love for the same stuffed animal.

  6. Oh, yes, Pablo (of Backyardigans fame) was losing some brain matter (stuffing) and he finally got stitched up on Monday :)

  7. I had a blanket. I didn't name it but one time my mom tried to throw it away when I was really sick {like she didn't think I'd notice} and I dug it out of the trash and kept it... She didn't try that again! The nerve. I was 15 when I gave it up and sucking my thumb.. Seriously.

    A isn't attached to anything like that like I was though so its cool!