Monday, October 5, 2009


**UPDATE: I passed!! Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I passed the written test with flying colors (unexpected) then almost failed the driving portion (also unexpected). Nathan and I had a great laugh over the whole thing. Tip: always come to a complete stop when taking your driving test!**

Checking in last Saturday at the STL airport

American Airlines counter rep: Rebekah, why is your driver's license seven months expired?
Me: [speechless]
AA rep: [waiting, letting me sweat, making me think I'll be staying home from Disney World]
Me: [heart pounding] Sir, I honestly had NO idea.
AA rep: You can fly today, but . . .

Today, on the phone with MO DMV
Me: Hello. I was just shocked to learn my license is seven months expired. Will I be required to do/pay anything extra b/c of this?

wait for it...wait for it...

DMV: Yes ma'am. You'll have to re-take the written and driving tests.
Me: Any sympathy for a stay at home mom minivan driver with a near perfect driving record?
DMV: No ma'am.


So tomorrow, either my mom/dad or husband will have to chaperon my law breaking hiney to the DMV like I'm some kind of 15 year old kid getting her learner's permit.

I'd rather have braces again, or acne, or no date to Homecoming, than have to take this test.
I'm gonna fail.
I just know it.
And if I do, I might just invest in this:

Will the driving examiner take off points for old Cheerios and sippy cups strewn about his seat?

That's what I'LL be doing tomorrow. What will YOU be doing? And, does this stuff ever happen to anyone else but me?


  1. it makes for a great story! fingers crossed. you'll do fine. have the instructor break into tantrum periodically throughout the exam so you are in mommy multitask mode ;) good luck

  2. Almost... four years ago (the last renewal time :O) I was 3 days shy of having to retake everything... and I caught it. Good luck! (Did you have a great trip?)

  3. Good luck, you'll do fine (if all else fails, hope for a male instructor and turn on the water works!) One day you'll look back on this and have a good laugh! Hope your DIsney trip was a great one!!

  4. OH NO!!!!! Poor you! I hope it's not TOO traumatic of an experience for you! GOOD LUCK!

  5. When I haven't looked at my license in a while, I have this fear that it will be expired and I will have to take everything again! I do hope this start to your vacation did not follow you.


    My wife is a legal driver. Imagine my pride!!

  7. LOL! I am sorry. At least you made it to Disneyland.
    My licence expires in July. Here, in California, I have to retake the test to renew my license. I may need to borrow your book.

  8. So funny (but not in a "making fun of you kind of way,") Rebekah! Did you have to pay a find? I did the same thing by a couple of months and I was SHOCKED at the find... ouch! Good thing you went to Disney first. he he he. Hope you had a fantastic time. Can't wait to see your pics!

  9. Hey! Wanted to stop in and say hello:) Been meaning to stop by for a while-you know how it goes:/ How exciting that you are heading to Disney Land. I haven't been there since 1991! Really looking forward to taking the kids someday. Congrats on passing your test! They should give moms a break-don't they know that we gave birth to part of our brains when we had a child!?


  10. This post made me giggle, then anxious...I wonder when my license expires??? Yikes...gotta go check...

  11. Got a triple treat today...first i got to see your precious kiddos...they are adorable and so sweet! Second...I got to see your Disney pics...looks like you had a magical time!...lastly but definitely not least...Cami got a mountain of VERY cute clothes!!! What a blessing...I was just looking for a winter snowsuit for her!!! I can't wait for her to grow into those fun summer dresses! I can't say thank you enough, you (and your family) are such a blessing to me (and MY family!)

  12. Ahh, man. To make you feel better, I had no idea that my tags were expired - 2 years expired! Then the police pulled us over twice in one day! What in the world?! Why not 2 years ago!? I had to have my brother in law take me to the DMV. ;)