Friday, October 9, 2009

Letter to Mickey Mouse

**Thanks for making this video, Nathan! Turn on sound to watch.**

Dear Mickey Mouse,

Yes, we are going to Disney World.
But DON'T expect ME to get sucked into that whole "Disney Magic" thing.

Is that Prince Charming making my son an honorary prince?
Is Ian bravely protecting each princess at the castle breakfast with his sword?
And is he taking part in a real life Jedi training academy?
Are my children actually throwing pixie dust into the air in front of Cinderella's castle, making a wish with all their hearts?
Is Lilly letting Minnie Mouse hold her in her arms?
Are Woody and Buzz flexing muscles with my husband?

Maybe there is something to that "Disney Magic" stuff. I admit it now, Mickey--we're believers.

Thanks for a week we will remember forever (for a number of reasons)!

Your Pal and Fellow Mouseketeers,

Rebekah and Family


  1. Glad that your trip rocked and that you passed your test as well!!!! Way to go girlie! Disney puts the kid in all of us, we're counting down the days.. Wait months to go ourselves!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. so if I send Nathan my pictures can he make me one, too?!?

    The video is an awesome idea. I was thinking that a. i don't have time to scrapbook and I'd like to some how put something nice together os I think I'm goingt to look into the photo books that you can have bound like coffee table books. Or, I could wait until next semister when I'm taking photoshop and do some cool stuff there.

    anyways, congrats on your test. ps... don't tell anyone, my license is expired right now for two days!! and thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. love it. making me want to do disney, but thought since we're canadian we should show (the tad scale smaller ;) west edmonton mall to the kids first next summer to break them in.

  4. I love that picture of him waving to Mickey. It sums up the trip, I imagine. Disney truly is magical. it is hard to explain to the non-believers.

  5. I am so glad you BELIEVE in the magic too :)
    I love to read your posts...always make me smile.
    Love your pictures!!!

  6. Love the pictures! I never got to go to Disney, but still hope to make it there someday! Seeing your pictures I thought you might be able to use a promo code I came across recently for a free picture book from Shutterfly- Promo Code: DI01-82FE-HGRB-41KGN7. Normally I use, but it's hard to pass up free:)


  7. Gorgeous photos! :)

  8. These could be their next brochure. Every photo is "usable" stuff. Good job! You're still a way braver Mom than I am going to Disney when they're so little. Traci Rhoades