Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Burp Cloth How-To

Directions follow for the burp cloth in this blanket/burp cloth set I made for Shawna. With only minor adjustments (see further in post) these instructions can be used to make the blanket, also.

Super-easy, Super-absorbent, Super-cute Burp Cloth:

1. Cut one 10" x 18" piece of each of these three fabrics:
a. Chamois (pronounced "shammy") fleece or cuddle fabric for backing
b. Fabric of choice for front of cloth
c. Quilt batting (a.k.a. "Super Soft Fiber Poly-fil) to go between a and b
2. From a coordinating fabric, cut out a 3" x 5" rectangle. You will use this to make the tag. Press sides 1/4" to wrong side of fabric on all four sides, then in another 1/4".
3. Use a tight zigzag stitch to attach your tag to the rectangle you just pressed.
4. Center tag on a long side of your front fabric (center is 9" from edge) and pin 1 1/2" up from fabric edge. Stitch with same zigzag as in step 3.

You're almost finished!

5. Carefully match up the three fabric layers (a, b and c) in this order:
I. Quilt batting
II. Front side of burp cloth--RIGHT side should be facing UP, with WRONG side against the layer of batting
III. Chamois fleece--WRONG side up, with RIGHT side facing the RIGHT side of front fabric.
Pin layers together and sew using a straight stitch, leaving a 2" opening at the end for turning right side out. Backstitch at the begininng and end.
6. Turn right side out and press.
7. Double top-stitch around the edge of entire burp cloth for extra durability and a nice, finished look.

You did it!

To make a quilt instead:
Cut fabric bigger, of course. Size depends on what you want.
No batting in center. I like my baby blankets light-weight and easy for tiny hands to grasp.
Place tag in a corner instead of centered on a long side.
Please email me photos if you make one--I love your emails! Oh, and please cite this blog as a source if you post your work. Thanks for being considerate, dear reader! I hope you use this many times and find it helpful.

Details . . .
Fabric: Alexander Henry's Sprites of Tillbrook (isn't it divine?) and Amy Butler's Lotus collection
Pin cushion: gift made by my friend, Lexi--check out the pattern here. They make wonderful stocking stuffers.
Vintage high chair: My mama's baby chair. Love. That.

I get a lot of questions about my Yeebird labels. Find them through Etsy seller MommieMadeIt: "Custom Designed Sew-On Fabric Craft Labels".


  1. great step by step instructions. and i love the fabric and baby chair too :) you're a fab craft book waiting to happen!

  2. why must you tempt me into a third pregnancy?

  3. I'm with Lexi-I'm feeling that I need another girl!! I adore the blanket and burp cloths and have to to learn to sew!

  4. you had me until "double top-stitch." do you mean just regular sewing machine stitch, 2 laps around the burp cloth, one lap slightly inside the other? great how-to, by the way. as soon as i get moved and settled (in KANSAS!) I will try one. I have 2 niece/nephews en route, so this will be perfect. :)

  5. whoooooah.....(did i just spell whoooo-waaah like the marine cheer??). . .
    either way, HOLD THE mean you did not read my blog entry
    announcing my move? :) or the one explaining the husband? yes, i am moving to kansas. to get settled and stabilized (not that i know what that word means anymore) before my husband arrives. we feel like that is the best, most supportive and healthy place for him to be and for us to be together. we have his strong family support there and an awesome church home. long story short, it continues to be the hardest thing in my life, but it is the one sure thing that i know God wants from me.
    peace out (hahaha)

  6. This is adorable!!!!!!! I am saving this post to make a quilt! :) I've made several quilts in my time but this seems like it would be really easy!