Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday #96, Jess-Jess

Happy 96th birthday, Jess-Jess.

Card from great-grandson Ian
Inside reads, in Ian's handwriting:
I [heart] u
Love Ian
Also inside, in my handwriting, what Ian dictated to me:
I like it when we sit on the floor together.
I love taking walks with you in the rain.

You held that card for much of the night.

A wonderful time was had by all at the party.

I can't help but notice during all 8 years I've been in this family--people are always smiling in your presence, Jess-Jess. (including me, as you've always hugged me, said you loved me, and called me "granddaughter")

I loved Nathan's tweet: "Happy 96th, Jess-Jess. A kinder, more gentlemanly soul there is naught."

I can't help but think, I wanna be like Jess-Jess when I grow up.

Is it selfish to wish for 96 more years with you, sweet grandfather-in-law?

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  1. I can tell by his smile alone, he is a very special man. I love this post.