Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cut & Paste

What we are working on now:

One pair of safety scissors and two glue sticks keep us occupied for an hour or more some afternoons.

Tip: Ian loves cutting apart the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. There are wonderful things inside that might tempt your child to practice cutting skills, too. Oh, and the Toys R Us mega catalog came yesterday. Ian was in heaven with the scissors!

(Another use for those toy catalog pages? Wrapping paper . . . Ian wrapped a gift for a friend tonight with it. He can choose the pages and it gives him nice taping and wrapping practice, and the recipient loves the toy pictures on the paper.)

Santa just might be bringing the Imaginext Dragon Castle our way this year. Ian spent ages cutting it out, then cut out the teeny tiny knight because he wanted to play with them. To give you an idea how small these are, the knight is only 1/2" tall--that's how carefully and meticulously Ian was cutting.

He managed to hurt his hand with the safety scissors (takes talent, I know) trying to cut open the drawbridge for his little knight to play inside. Mama came to the rescue.

(X-mas tip: Santa brought the Imaginext Bat Cave last year and hardly a day has passed this year that he and Lilly haven't played with it. If you have a preschool boy this is a wonderful gift--and so is the Imaginext Pirate Ship.)

Wanted to share this card for Mum (Ian's grandma). Kindergarten, we're getting there.

And if you didn't believe me the first time I recommended it, run today and purchase the Leap Frog Letter Factory and Talking Words Factory videos. Your child will know his letters/sounds in a snap. Even Lilly, just turned 2, knows almost all letters and most sounds from watching them, and Ian will be reading in a flash!

One last thing . . .
It's my pick this month in Book Club. Any outstanding book suggestions?


  1. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

  2. yes...we are LOVING that pirate ship around here...and wouldn't you know..the same toys r us catalog came here too. It has been loved on LOTS the last few days. A couple of pages have been disposed of as casualties. And Aven has his eye on that EXACT same toy from Santa! :)
    And I believe I will be stopping at B&N tomorrow for that video.

  3. great ideas. my boys love the imagnx knights and bad guys too. made a big cardboard castle for them to live in :)

  4. I do so love to read your posts! Yours (and my lovely friend, Lauren) are my favorite reads.

    My book club recommendation is anything by Celia Rivenbark. I suggest you start with, "Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom". It is laugh out loud funny! She is sort of like Erma Bombeck, but possibly even better :)

  5. You make me laugh, June!! That title sounds perfect! I've put the skank book, and Sara's suggestion above, on hold at the library. Thanks!

  6. You know that you are homeschooling, don't you? So good to be able to see your blog again and I have just bookmarked it so I can't lose you again!!

  7. I keep my Pottery Barn magazines for inspiration! ;) Sunset is ok to cut though... ;)