Friday, September 24, 2010

Medal Winner

Gymnastics is more and more fun every week. Lilly mastered the newest set of "move-up tricks" and is movin' on up to the next class. She will be one of the very, very youngest but is such a hard worker and good listener and loves it so much. Several weeks from now she will participate in her first tumbling meet. I am proud.

The correct answer (in a nutshell) to the previous post--
Doc Octopus sucking up Spiderman (But how nice that they are both smiling, even in a fight to the death!)


  1. We, too, have just begun the chapter known as gymnastics... a much better fit for Avery. An action-packed hour twice a week for sure.

    Yay lily! go girl!

  2. A big Congrats to Lilly...her efforts and stick-to-it-iveness she definitely learned from her wonderful Mama!

  3. I love your blog. The colors are spectacular.

  4. so cute. like, june H i'm seeing the parallels between triathalon momma and tumbler girl.
    can totally relate to the boy art. your in bracket commentary made me hysterical

  5. That's totally Doc-Oc... totally.

  6. west plains.
    My first tumbling meet.
    I rocked it.

    Then after it was over someone told me I forgot my backward roll.
    Defeated. Mortified. And yet...
    I still got first place.
    BUt they were out of first place trophies.
    Ahh..memories :)

    *I'm sure they've fixed that first place trophy business so Miss L doesn't have anything to worry about..however remind her about he roll. It will save some drama ;)