Monday, September 20, 2010

My Many Colored Days

First up: Ban on Bands (or Bandz). These multicolored offenders have been banished from kindergarten at Ian's school. It's a good thing Lilly isn't there yet. She's pretty attached, most specifically, to these Strawberry Shortcake scented pretties.

Are Silly Bands all the rage where you live, or is this just a local craze? Do tell.

Speaking of multicolors . . . ever feel like your life is summed up in Dr. Seuss's book, My Many Colored Days? :
"You'd be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days."

The beginning of kindergarten for Ian has transformed our lives in so many ways. In EVERY way, it seems. I've (we've--okay, mostly I) had red days, blue days, black, orange, yellow and pink days.

Today is one of the first days Lilly and I have just hung out at home. We painted and read, played with toys and watched videos. We rode bikes and sang songs. We put ribbons and feathers in our hair. Life as it was pre-August 24 (except with one instead of two).

This Mega Block Cloud City was constructed Saturday morning by Nathan and the kids. Oh yeah. It's still sitting right there where you see it. We now especially TREASURE those quiet Saturday mornings together, and those silly weekend nights . . .

And as long as Ian still searches for that Lovey each evening, I still feel like he is little. MY little fella. Maybe kindergarten hasn't changed everything after all.

Speaking of changes, I have my first job interview in YEARS tomorrow afternoon. I am returning to teaching--well, just substitute teaching. I can't complain: I've been able to be home with my children for five years.

Life is changing, but in the words of Dr. Seuss,
"But it all turns out all right, you see. And I go back to being . . . me."

Here's to feeling like ME again soon! How is your life changing right now?


  1. Yes, silly bands are super popular here, too! Madilyn has some, and she thinks they are the greatest!

    Best wishes with your job interview! I'm sure you will be fantastic!!

  2. oh yes, we are sporting arm fulls of silly bandz here too:-) and yes they are banned at our schools. Such a silly little fad...thanks for the reminder to photog them:-)

  3. We are missing our first who is at Kindergarten as well! And we just got a letter home saying no silly bands for the elem school. They are distracting so they said. You think?!?

  4. Well, we just arrived in California and learned the bands are banned in school. I'd say they're popular here, too, as they were in KC.

    Great photos, as always!

  5. Silly Bandz are the rage here in Central VA. The kids can wear them if they don't become distracting...also, they are not allowed to trade them at school...