Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Little Things

Having a kitchen fire means your dining room table looks like this while you wait two weeks for cabinets to be finished.

I don't mind. Really, I don't. Since I tend to be a nervous type, I'm actually rather pleased with how calm I have been as painters, cleaners and repairmen have revolved through my doors for over a week. The damage was very minimal, and a kind team has cleaned and professional painters have repainted almost my entire house. Everything is spic-and-span.

I feel happy.

Here are some other reasons why.

#1: Benjamin Moore paint, color: Pebble
Here it is in my bathroom. Fresh, new, subtle, a little more gray than it looks in the photo. Perfect for me. Love it.

Speaking of fire . . .

#2: Nathan and the fireplace
It's 36 degrees outside. We have yet to turn our heat on this year. It's fireplace and down comforters time. Which reminds me--my husband melts my heart at times. "Take a picture of that," I said to him after walking in and spotting this:

If your husband isn't the type who sets your child's jammies in front of the fire like this to warm while the kiddos take their baths, link him to this blog to get schooled.

Nathan. I love him. He makes life cozy around here in so many ways.

#3: The girl who spotted this library book and had to bring it home. The title? Back Into Mommy's Tummy. Never has there been a more spot-on match for a girl and a book. Talk about mama love and attachment! Lilly's got it! (Ultimately the story reveals mama has a new baby in her tummy. That will NEVER be me again, but still, the rest fits.)

#4: Ian. Me tonight as he drifted to sleep: "You're my special treasure." He replied: "You're MY special treasure." When Ian sends a compliment like that my way, it's totally sincere and burrows straight into my heart. Sweet love.

#5: Substitute teaching . . . a job I thought I might dread with abandon.
But NO! With Lilly babysitting help from grandma and Mum, I am finding much satisfaction and fulfillment teaching again. I spend most of my time at my old school--what a surprising joy life can be when it comes full circle!

#6: These videos. If you have a preschool/kindergarten child, buy the set for Christmas. Your child will learn his sight words. Guaranteed.

#7: Last but really first: The Jesus Storybook Bible
These people really GOT it when they wrote this. It is amazing. Get the deluxe edition with CDs your child can listen to in the car. I can't say enough about it--it's clever, smart, funny, interesting, and EVERY story references the big picture: Jesus.
Another excellent Christmas gift.

What's going straight to your heart these days (besides leftover Halloween candy)?


  1. Love the jammie pic. Yep, you did well with the hubs.

    Straight to my sister and BFF arriving in one week. I can't wait to see her.

  2. I love all these simple things! Thanks for sharing, and I couldn't agree more on the Jesus storybook Bible! One question though... Is that a Dharma Initiative mug on the table? (e.g. LOST)

  3. I want me some Pebble! gorgeous. Hang in there through the madness. the benefits will be endless once it is complete.

  4. A dear missionary couple in France we help support recently completed the French translation of the Jesus storybook Bible. Isn't it exciting to think that this book can get into children's hands and hearts even in France. Thanks for the reminder that I want to get this for my grandkids.

  5. We LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible. We picked one up last Christmas for our kids and after confirming we love it... we purchase that book for all of our baby dedications... it's awesome.

    Another one I'm grabbing this Christmas... the Adventure Bible (I think). It's the new updated version of teh Picture Bible by Thomas Nelson. It's illustrated by a Marvel Comic Book illustrator. Pretty Cool.

  6. Correction... it's the Action Bible and it's by Cook. I need coffee.

  7. love this post :) you are a sweet sweet family. BTW i've decided to go back to school and finish my teaching degree

  8. Loved the pictures....especially the "jammies by the fire" (THOUGHTFUL Daddy)! Also, thanks for the great Christmas gift ideas. I'm getting both for my twin grand niece and nephew and my 5 yr.old grand niece. It's always so hard to know what to get them. They will love these! :-)

  9. Really, the "Jesus Storybook Bible" should be required reading for all college and adult small groups.

    It presents The Story in a completely eye-opening manner.

  10. Rebekah, it's always fun to see what you're thinking about! Thanks for sharing great educational videos. Last year you talked about the LeapFrog Letters and Words ones, we got them for Silas and he has LOVED them. So now I have another set to add to his Christmas list!