Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tumbling Meet

Lilly's first tumbling meet. Oh what fun.

She was so ready to go . . .

It started with a floor routine for the judges.

Next was the trampoline routine. I love how Lill sticks out her tongue with every straddle jump!

Zipped up legs. Go girl!

Here she is waiting for the award ceremony to begin.

Lilly took second on floor, second on trampoline and second overall for 3 year-olds.

Not too shabby for six months in gymnastics. So proud of my sweet girl!!


  1. and first in cuteness :)
    Way to go Miss L!!

  2. Impressive! Congrats Lilly!

  3. OMG. How cute is the pedestal for them to stand on?! I love that they allow them to be competitive.....with real awards.

    Precious, precious girl. I love the tongue picture!

  4. how adorable!!! love the stand and medals to make it so real for them:-)