Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today a nurse practitioner could not see Ian's left ear tube because it is so impacted with wax. If you know anything about tubes in a child's ear, you know they can get zero liquid into their ears. If you know much about impacted ear wax, you understand it's hard to unclog without a) pouring something in the ear or b) digging that could possibly dislodge the tube.

Waiting for a call from the ENT's office on how to proceed. I don't know what they will do, but I do know it will be painful for him.

Little Ian. Such a big heart. So brave. Old Faithful. Mr. Dependable. Prince of Patience. King of Kindness. If you've never met him, you might think this mama exaggerates. If you have met him, you know I do not. It seems there is always some big obstacle he must overcome, some pain or challenge he has to face. I wish it could be me instead.

He and I had some (precious!) time together before his appointment while Lilly was at preschool--a rare treat since kindergarten started. We went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a new and bigger wooden treasure box for him. He chose brown paint for the outside and gold paint for the inside.

He worked SO HARD for SO LONG.

He had a plan and executed it well--leave bare patches "so it looks old like a real treasure box."

Try as she may, even this teeny monkey couldn't distract him from his task.

Ian now has a new home for his Halloween fangs, assortment of plastic cupcake picks, bits of pirate "gold", and school pictures of friends.

As for this mama, my treasure doesn't fit in a box.

Does yours?


  1. Poor guy. Hope that they are able to do the procedure with little pain. Ear troubles can be so bothersome.
    Loving his treasure box...and the sweet little sister. :)

  2. Awwww, I love that second last sentence :).

  3. Have you ever used an ear candle? It will draw up the wax... in most cases. I do not guarentee it but it has helped others. You can find it at a homeopathic/natural store.

  4. aww. so sweet. the candling sounds like good advice :)