Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Place to Learn

Kindergarten Registration today. Hooray!

Beautiful child. Beautiful day. Beautiful new school. Beautiful memories.

We arrived ten minutes early to be the first family to register. I know--I can't help myself. We met the principal and the capable lady we hope will be Ian's teacher. Two darling fifth grade student council members gave us a school tour. We saw several neighborhood friends in their classrooms, and Ian was greeted with bear hugs. He took pictures along the way. It was a PERFECT day.

My kindergarten memories are lovely. My teacher had a fair, kind face and fiery red hair. A sock puppet named P. Mooney taught us our letters. We traced around classmates' bodies on huge sheets of paper. We colored. A LOT. We had earthquake drills and giggled all huddled in the corner, even though we were afraid. My kindergarten teacher's son was my best friend. He and I square danced together in P.E.

Ian--you have so many memories waiting to be made! I love you!

What is YOUR favorite kindergarten memory?


  1. I remember having such fun running around holding hands with my friend, Kory, on our little playground! And, of course, the old school playground wheel that went super fast!

  2. These pictures are fabulous! Looks like a successful day.

    I skipped Kindergarten. It was a big deal. From Pre-K straight to 1st grade. Then on the first day of 1st grade i did the unthinkable. i sucked on a green apple smelly marker thinking it would taste as good as it smelled! The dark green marker filled my mouth and then dripped down my chin and onto my pretty pink first day of school dress. I was immediately sent to the nurse, where my mother was called to PICK ME UP!

    I can't imagine what she must have thought when she saw me with her own eyes.

    Not such a glamorous memory. But nevertheless... a memory!

  3. I loved snack time, apples with peanut butter. Hmmm, that's funny, I still love snack time :)

  4. Um not a favorite year.... I did fondly watch for the letter person of the week to appear outside our door. I had a grouchy lady with a beehive do named Mrs. Pinzino. I remember her not letting us go to the bathroom and having a mortifying accident at carpet time. Not my best memory! Yes you can work for my magazine! ;) since all my favorite have disappeared it would be lovely to start one!

  5. I don't have that many, just remember my teachers were nice. I really enjoyed the day my favorite uncle went to pick us up from school (literally across the street from where we live).

  6. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Lund. A sweet, gentle, little old lady. I remember hanging out with my BFF's Dana and Jenny all the time and always looking forward to Oreo cookies and milk "snack time" after naps ( complete with our individual pallets on the floor). I remember the double sided window/mirror where students from the nearby university could observe our behavior (the university is known for it's Home Economics and Family Life Programs) as well as the layout of the room. I remember looking at the kids that ate the Elmer's glue or sniffed their markers as a "little bit touched"-- and my favorite memory-my jumbo sized Crayola set of 8 crayons (which I still have). Thanks for bringing back the memories with your post Rebekah! BTW- You look fabulous!! Congrats on your weight loss accomplishments.

  7. Fun and exciting! I'm a former Kindergarten teacher - it's a great year!

  8. Your pictures are fabulous, my friend!
    I don't have many kindergarten memories... but I adored my teacher! I'm glad you had a great day!

    My Caris will go to kindergarten in the fall. We are so excited!

    (Your comment on my weight-loss post had me laughing all weekend...... hope you had a great weekend.)

  9. yay Ian! this is so exciting! i can't wait to read about all of Ian's new memories he's going to make!

    i loved my kindergarten teacher, mrs. people's. she was so funny and chipper...and made learning sooo much fun. i loved making letters out of peanut butter play dough and then getting to eat them! =)

  10. Can't remember much about Kindergarten. But when we moved back to the same city 10 years later I sat down in art class and the girl across from me freaked out. "Jennifer!?" I just stared. "You were in my Kindergarten class! I wanted to sit next to you but the teacher wouldn't let me and I was so mad!" Wow... I must of made an impression. Or, she just had a freakishly good memory. I mean it's not like it was a small town or anything. It was San Diego!

    Sadly... I didn't remember her. But to my defense, I did move 12 times in my 12 years of school.

  11. Well, kindergarten was when my parents discovered that I could not see the blackboard even sitting 6ft away, so I got my first pair of eyeglasses! I don't really remember my teacher, but my principal had really long fingernails and one of those beehive hair-dos. (It was 1968) I asked her one day how she got her nails so long and she said she ate a lot of jell-o.