Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wanted: Pixie Dust--URGENT

Ever have a day that makes you feel like this?

Poor Tink. No amount of Pixie Dust or "I DO believe in fairies" can repair her pelvis, torn in two by Lilly as she attempted to dress her in Ariel's mermaid tail. Normally, I'd bet on the Neverland fairy in a Tinkerbell-Ariel smack-down, but I guess Ariel was having a good day.

And Tinkerbell wasn't.

Neither was I.

I feel like Tink today. For a couple weeks, I've been stuck at 29 pounds lost. Finally, yesterday, I hit 31 lost, only to land back at 29 this morning. Even with all my hard work, self-deprivation, healthy eating, running, swimming, consistency, and fitness goals reached, my body fat percentage is still, in my opinion, astronomical.

To top it all off, I attended a new fitness class yesterday and, well, I'm just sore.

This morning, my trainer and I confabbed and she outlined a whole new strength training program for me. She said I'd graduated: no more machines, only free weights.

I start the new regimen tomorrow. I'm tired. I can only hope this works. I'd like to get to 40 pounds lost.

Encouragement? Tips? Ideas to pull me up out of this pesky plateau and body fat funk? Thanks, dear reader. Your opinions, to me, are worth their weight in Pixie Dust.


  1. You can do it Rebekah! This is the hardest stage to get through, but once you do you will be flying. Hang in there, the workout is always best on the other side of it & then you be glad that you did it... I always tell myself that its a good sore! I admire what you are doing... such a great thing for yourself and your family:) Happy Tuesday!

  2. You are AMAZING and will do it, sweet friend. It will soon be time for us to get lots of exercise outside with the kiddos.

  3. So inspired by you! Remember, little changes can really move those plateaus. I've been stuck on my weight loss plan too. Tomorrow I'm heading to join a gym. I need to go to the next level....I'm not getting any younger! :)

  4. Rebekah, you are so awesome! 29 pounds? Are you kidding me? That's HUGE! That's such a great accomplishment! You are already victorious. Your kids get to watch and learn as you ENDURE. What a stunning example of resiliency you are!

    Tinker Bell ain't got nothin' on you! Girl, you don't need fairy dust. You already have everything you need: Faith, discipline, family. Keep it up! You are doing so great! Believe in yourself. We, readers, sure do!

  5. Thinking of you...pulling for you.... praying for you.

    I have a big comment mapped out in my mind...but it's way past my bed time.

    Stick thru it.... much love.

    And An email is headed your way very soon!

  6. Have you ever seen what even just 5 pounds of body fat looks like? I have. And it's a flipping LOT! You have lost more than 5x that amount and I have no doubt you will meet your goal. You look AMAZING friend and you rise to every challenge...this will be no different. But ya know, "I love you just the way you are..."
    for reals.
    And poor Tink.
    We have a few down on their luck GI Joes if she needs some company.
    That came out very wrong.
    I hope you know what I mean ;)

  7. Keep up the good work, weight loss is hard. Your perseverance will pay off!

  8. No turning back now. You have come SO far. Let me remind you: it is not a rush either. Take your time getting there. You are so close. Imagine how you will feel to get to that magical number.

    Most importantly don't deprive yourself too much. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

    You are AMAZING. I KNOW you will do it my friend! I wish I was there to go with you everyday... I'm needing a physical outlet righ tnow in a bad way!

  9. I have heard a good body massage helps spur weight loss, really...this was not just a wonderful thought, someone told me that once.

    It is always worth a try; if it doesn't help it is always time and money well spent.

    Don't kick yourself too much, you have made amazing progress and look great!

  10. I know the feeling. I've been stuck in the same weight range for 3 years, struggling not to climb without loosing all enjoyment of life by constantly chastising myself when i fail, or perceive that i fail. The scale may not know anything of grace but we do, and practicing it on ourselves isn't all that bad.

    You've done so well. Congratulate yourself for your success. (and don't forget to thank the one who gave your the ability to move, and breath and exercise in the first place)

    Here are some ideas: 1, don't weight yourself everyday. 2. When you do weigh yourself weigh at the about the same time of day wearing the same clothes. 3. 2lbs may be nothing more than water retention and may be gone tomorrow, or it might even be due to a hormonal change and may be gone tomorrow. 4. Even when the scale isn't moving the direction you want it to, focus on good health and nutrition, more than on weight or BMI. 5. Remember, you could still be 29 lbs heavier! 6. Maybe you should get a massage for those sore muscles? Just a thought. :-) Surely you've earned it. 7. Try to enjoy the journey, for it never ends, even when you get to your goal.

  11. you are fabulous!
    when i want to bust through a plateau, i do a week of tons of water (no diet pop) no refined sugar or bread or milk or yogurt or rice

    just healthy low fat meats + a bit of cheese, veggies, salads, grapefruit and apples.

    (and ask DH for nightly massages after epsom salt bath soaks)

  12. Muscle confusion can help. Totally changing what your body has become accustom to can really work. It can be so frustrating to know you are doing what you should be, but not seeing results on the scale. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so you are still building strong muscle. Hang in there, change it up and to shock your body you can have a "free day" to eat whatever you want. Sometimes that can shake things up also.