Friday, March 5, 2010

Food Rules

Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!

Your encouraging comments in the last post brought me out of my funk. You guys are the best!

After several months of being on the wait list for Food Rules at the library and still being #39 in line, I broke down and purchased this book from B&N. It is an excellent, easy read, and I love the simple rules like, "If it's the same word in every language, it's not food (Think Big Mac, Cheetos)."

I finished reading The Book Thief last night. And what happens to Himmel Street at the end, well, I find it constantly in my thoughts today. Narrated by death (but not in a scary way at all), the book takes place in Nazi Germany and follows the story of a young girl.

Anyone read The Book Thief or Food Rules (or one of Pollan's other food books)?


  1. A WW2 era book that is depressing that i knew nothing about?! I must read it NOW. Have you read Sarah's Key? I have it if you wanna.

  2. I'm reading "Little Bee" and loving it.

  3. I've been wanting to read Food Rules! I read an excerpt online and it looks like it has some great info. I'll definitely need to check it out now!

  4. Nope but I'm looking for a good read. I may try one of those out...thanks for the suggestions.

  5. "Food Rules" sums up my whole problem!!! If it was just "Chocolate Rules" or "Donuts Rule" I could probably abstain and be o.k. But I just love FOOD! It rules! :)

  6. I have read the omnivores dilemma, and food rules and am finding myself becoming a groupie of pollan. simple logical ideas, and evidence to back it up. Love them ,and highly recommend his books.