Monday, March 29, 2010

5 on March 30

Happy birthday, my sweet.

Saturday, MARIO DAY, these two woke up ready to party. We had to video chat daddy right away.

Mario party recap . . . if I earned an A, Nathan is teaching the course. With distinction and all that good stuff. Look what NATHAN did:

1. The invite:

2. The decorations that were everywhere, even the bathroom:

3. Mario and Luigi puppets to make:

4. These Mario plumber pipes he cut from foam, then painted. They made a wonderful photo op for the guests.

5. He organized this idea: Yoshi's Egg Hunt. What fun right before Easter!

More party pics . . .

All of this made for one happy Mario.

Details on how to make these suh-weet hats coming soon. Congrats to my pal, Charity, for guessing correctly in the last post!


  1. Fantastic, what a great idea. You certainly get an "A"!

  2. oh those hats! Tose sealed the deal. You guys are like the Hiroshima of creativity over there. I'm lovin' it!

  3. Oh and don't think I didn't notice that flat stomach in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Work it girl!

  4. you two are super talented! party looks adorable :)

  5. You are so creative! What a great time you guys had at the party, definitely an A+!

  6. Love this party idea! Those hats are amazing! You must be exhausted! :)
    Thanks for stopping by...YOU are so creative too!

  7. Awesome party. We may be stealing an idea or two for Charlies bday come Sept. (Ps I read the congrats and thought, "Oh cool she knows two Charity's!!". Duh... I'm losing it.

  8. It WAS a super party. Aven still wears the hat :)
    And I had no idea they were plumbers. What childhood did I live??!

  9. woooow! Love it, those hats rock!! This blog is super cute!!! Love the pics! ;) xoxo LA

  10. WOW!! Awesome party! Love how you guys made everything! You recommended the Dana Made it site to me, and it did get my creativity bubbling!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! Love your photos btw, i love the colour.