Thursday, April 1, 2010

Envious Alice

Alice would be jealous.

Come to think of it, Alice was the only thing missing from this exquisite mother-daughter tea party WONDERLAND today. See what I mean?

Tonya, Tammy, and little Kaitlyn, I can't say enough about how much this day meant to Lilly and me. It. Was. Glorious. As hostesses, you thought of absolutely every precious detail.

What a joy it is to be friends with such fabulously talented people.

I know Lilly was by far the youngest little girl at the party. Thank you for including us. Lilly felt like such a big girl--so special--so like a pretty, pretty princess.

So did I.


  1. so girly...

    and a halter top...does that mean it is warming up there?

  2. I love, LOVE 'Le Poste de Girlie!'

    My two beauties in one blog entry.

  3. alice would be jealous!

    this is simply beautiful, rebekah. what a precious moment with your sweet little gal!

  4. This is beyond fabulous. I want friends like this! And, the party. And, the food. Precious.

  5. You recommended the Dana Made it site to me, and it did get my creativity bubbling!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! Love your photos btw, i love the colour.

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  7. Rebecca, What a lovely day you had as mother and daughter!
    Hope to see you Friday@CS!

  8. It's beautiful! Love the shot of the cute little feet :)