Friday, April 23, 2010

Ian+Surgery; Shrimp+a Show; and . . . FORTY

Yesterday I mentioned things were bustling in Yeeland.


For almost an entire month, the poor kiddo has been severely hearing impaired due to fluid in his ears. (who knew a child could have chronic fluid and earwax issues and NEVER have ear infections?!)

Want to experience genuine mommy-hood sadness? Watch your dear one retreat from the social realm slowly but surely over the course of several weeks. See him descend into his own world because he cannot hear what is going on around him.

On May 5, he will have his adenoids removed and tubes inserted in both ears. Woo-hoo! Bring it on!

I choked back tears in the ENT's office Wednesday when Ian said, "Mama, can't they do it today?" and then, "I'm sorry I couldn't hear, mama and daddy."


On to much less significant news . . .

Nathan and I had a real date. Ian and Lilly stayed overnight at Uncle John and Aunt Manda's house (we love you. we love you. we love you. did i mention we love you?).

We ate at the glorious Ocean Zen.

What's a date without a couple of these beauties?

And we headed to see this, tickets also courtesy of Uncle John and Aunt Manda (again--we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you):

It had me clicking my ruby red slippers, I mean, white sparkling flip-flops, together with joy.

Thank you, John and Amanda!

Oh and one last, eensy-weensy, teeny little thing:

I've lost FORTY pounds. And I MAY be participating in some sort of athletic event soon. Oops. Did I let that slip? Hmm... stay tuned.

Any guesses? And has anyone gone through tubes/adenoid surgery? What should we expect?


  1. We've done tubes - it was so super quick, but my dd didn't have her adenoids removed as well.
    We're waiting to see if dd#4 has to go through this too...
    The hardest part wasn't the surgery, but keeping the ears protected from bath and swimming water until the tubes came out. A very large pain!! We started with an aqua ear band, which was ok, but eventually went to silcone plugs. I guess it's personal preference though :)
    CONGRATS on the 40 pounds!!! WAY TO GO!!!

  2. Congrats on the 40, the date and the soon to be return of hearing!!!!!!

  3. wow wow wow!
    sooo many happenings!

    i'm not a momma, but my heart broke over ian's story. he's too precious, what a gift that he is so caring of others that he felt the need to apologize for something out of his control. such a sweet blessing.

    and that date! shrimp and oz. great fun!

    FORTY LBS?!?!?! are you KIDDING???? that is so awesome!!!!! you look fabulous, by the way! loved those jeans and cute green shirt on you!

    this was a great post! thanks for sharing all the excitement! sad for ian, but totally pumped that he's getting all fixed up.

  4. Did you know that is why Aven ear tube surgery last May? Just because of fluid, not because of ear infections. He kept having us repeat things and turning up the radio and t.v. because he couldn't hear it. SO SCRAY!! I was so thankful it was just him needing ear tubes and nothing else. Surgery is super simple and quick. The drops they have to do after are better if they are slightly warmed up before dropping in. (Good luck--Aven HATED them with a passion, but let's hope that is a rarity ;) And as a matter of fact Pax goes MAY 5 for his ENT consult and will have the same surgery ASAP..because of chronic ear infections! 'Tis the season I suppose!

  5. Praying for Ian, congrats on losing forty pounds (amazing), and LOVED Wicked!

  6. 40 is a macially hard-earned number. Impressive.

    Hunter had tubes at 4 and then again at 5, when the original set collapsed? Not to worry, very rare. On the way home he begged for Kentucky Fried Chicken and wanted to go on the trampoline. whew.

    Davin had tubes, adnoids and tonsils removed. A little more dramatic with the tonsils involved.

    Neihther has had a single ear problem again. You'll never regret it.

    Once he goes in, you barely have time to go potty before they come to tell you he's done.


  7. I hope everything goes smoothly for Ian! I will be praying for him!

    Your date looks like so much fun!

    You look fantastic! What a great accomplishment!!! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming event!

  8. Congrats on the 40 lbs lost!! Before I got that far on your post, I was thinking how great you look in those jeans clicking your heels! :) Great job!!

  9. Several friends have been through tubes with their kids and they all said it was more stressful on mommy than the kids and they all wondered why they took so long to go ahead with the surgery. They wish they would have done it sooner.

    Congrats on the 40 lbs!

  10. My son Kamron had his adenoids and tonsils out. It was really no biggie. He ate icecream and jello for the first day and watched alot of movies. The next day he was pretty well back to normal (well he had a broken arm at the time so as normal as possible!).

  11. I have been embarrassingly absent from visiting your wonderful blog. I just spent the last several minutes reading up on the adventures of Lily & Ian and enjoying your fabulous photographs. I have missed a lot of posts! I am caught up now :) Before I even read that you now have lost 40 lbs, I was going to say, "Who is that supamodel???" You look terrific, my friend. I hope you will inspire me again. I was doing so well over a year ago and I had lost ~35lbs. I have found almost all of it...
    I look forward to hearing about what you plan to do next.

  12. aren't dates lovely? We finally had one two friday's ago.. a dear sweet lady from church saw a need and offered to bring pizza and a movie and stay with our kids... wonderful. THEN last Friday we got a second one completely unplanned... anyways, we did the adnoids but not tubes... Charlie had his tonsils and adnoids out and I made the mistake of asking how they get the adnoids out... ewww...

    And I must say... you are looking amazing!!! 40 lbs that's incredible! I started ww two weeks ago and yesterday was a rough day and I crashed but it's back in the saddle again, esp. after seeing your commitment... 40 has seemed impossible but that's about what I have to lose...

    enjoy your day...

  13. We had tonsils and adnoids out on my oldest daughter. Wasn't sure which one did it, but probably the tonsils caused INCREDIBLY bad breath because of the way the burned it out. She also has problems with wax building up and fluid building behind the wax. Some hearing issues when the wax is heavy. I wonder if she is a good candidate for tubes?!!! Let us all know how it goes!