Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden Goodness

Piecing together a new little garden this weekend . . .

Daddy had lots of help.

These guys were definitely the highlight.

Ian, Lilly, and Garrett (aka neighbor or honorary sibling) ran back and forth, back and forth, collecting

and depositing them on the table inside the screened porch. Notice the chalk drawings Ian made for the worms? How sweet.

In spite of (or because of--you decide) their adoring admirers, the poor worms were deceased within a few minutes. So sadly, I cannot say, "No animals were harmed in the making of this post."

Have you started your garden yet? Did all of God's creatures survive? What is your best gardening tip?


  1. Hunky daddy!

    No garden here, but we frequent the farmer's markets often!

  2. I just started my salad garden yesterday, too! It was the perfect day to do some outside work :)

  3. We love gardening! My husband and kids have already planted spinach (very easy to grow), sugar snap peas (never tried growing this before), and broccoli (look carefully in the tops for itty bitty worms before eating!) My husband loves involving the kids in tending to the garden!

  4. when picking up doggy poop, we always deposit it into the flower garden. not glamorous, but indeed a tip. Can't wait to see your results. Tanktops elude a reader to think the weather was warm? Yes?

  5. I've almost got my 4 gardens cleaned out so I'm hoping to start planting this week. I'm looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers and picking yummy veggies.

  6. great pics. is that a raised bed building kit? if so, i need to know where to source :)

  7. love the pics. the one of lilly and daddy is perfect. you can just see how patient and gentle he is with the little princess. and then the one w/ your hubby and ian... love the reciprocal actions of the little guy. these are too fun!

    worms were always my favorite as a kid too! my dad was a landscaper, so he'd always teach us about how if you cut them in half, they wouldn't necessarily die b/c they can regenerate. i thought he was sooooo cool for knowing so many AWESOME facts like that! =)

    can't wait to see the goodies that ya'll plant!

  8. Ahhh, spring has sprung! Nothing is better than getting outside in the sunshine and watching your garden grow. Happy Spring!

  9. I've always wanted to do a veggie garden and the more I see others doing them the more I am thinking we're going to do them!!!!

    Happy gardening!

  10. now who's leaving everyone hanging?!? (just kidding... thinking about yor family, my friend.)