Sunday, April 4, 2010

CAN-CANdy Corn Skirt

Candy corns at EASTER? Oh my . . .

That's right. We do things a bit different around here. To me, candy corns are all sunshine and gold, baby chicks, creamy Cadbury centers and all that good Easter/spring stuff.

How better could I spend the wee hours of the morning than by sewing miles and miles of buttery, golden, candy corn colored chiffon ruffles?

This guy coordinated perfectly in his yellow polo and orange undershirt. Here he is, sporting that classic IAN grin.

Lilly knows that, when surrounded by a house full of boys at grandma and grandpa's gigantic Easter bash, she has to be that much more girly to balance the snakes/snails/puppy dog tails.

I think she managed just fine.

Dana of MADE fame, your CAN-CAN skirt pattern is fabulous. We hope you like our CAN-CANdy corn twist on it!

How was your Easter, blog friends? Any candy corns?


  1. How sweet!

    Hope you had a fabulous day!

  2. that skirt is soooo cute! you did an awesome job on it:-)

  3. AAAAADorable!
    I love it! Thank you for sharing with me. I NEVER grow tired of your blog. Such gorgeous photos!

  4. as i was reading this post, i couldn't help but think that the candy corn - easter combo just seemed to fit your precious family perfectly. somewhat quirky, super delightful, tons of fun, and full of Sonshine. love it!

    God bless, and happy Easter!

  5. Wow, great job on the skirt! Love it and Lilly obviously does too! :)

  6. love the skirt! and the tradition of candy corn at easter. super cute. we were too busy eating cupcakes, but good idea to include next year ;)

  7. I see I wasn't the only one inspired by Dana on Easter! The skirt looks gorgeous!

  8. oh. my. gosh. or should i say GUSH! that is THE cutest skirt on the planet. I love it. great pictures. i hope you are framing the grandkids for Mother's Day. She'll love it.

  9. Love, love the skirt! My Jeanie loves candy corn, I hope I can remember this when she has a little one! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  10. Saw your sweet family in the 11:00 service. (at least I think it was the 11:00 service; after being there since 7:15 all the services started running together!)
    We normally have ham for Easter dinner, but we invited an international student from Pakistan who is Muslim, so we had lasagna instead; I made 1-veggie and 1-meat. (he also came to church as well, which is a BIG praise!!)

  11. Absolutely, beyond words ADORABLE!!!