Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Good

Don't let the snow boots fool you.

Because the weather (and life in general) is positively perfect lately in Yeeville. Those boots are just Ian's self-made quick-and-easy Anakin costume.

It's been much too gorgeous outside to sit inside at a computer and blog.

The weather has us all in a happy mood.

Life here is good. Hope it is for you, too, my friend.

And several interesting things are developing in our world. Updates coming soon. Happy spring, everyone.


  1. i. LOVE. these. pictures. Lily's hair is getting Sooooooo long. Beautiful.

    missed you. glad you were just busy having fun.

  2. We have lots developing too.... yet to be shared... but coming soon.

    LOVE the pics. We have been playing TONS out doors. I agree.... it's time to be out!

    Hope you are well. Excited for your "developments"....

  3. Anxious to hear about the new developments! Great pictures, as always.