Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leotard Lilly

Little Yeebird is expanding her portfolio of God-given gifts and talents.

Previous list includes:
1. Cuteness
2. Manipulation by cuteness
3. Persuasion by cuteness
4. Naturally curly hair (see #'s 1-3)
5. An exhaustive amount of other things, including early language development, a keen knack for problem solving (see #2), and independence. And if you don't believe it, just ask me. Or her dad. Or grandparents.

New talents acquired . . .

Last week she went from this

to this

Graduating to independent jumping on grandma and grandpa's trampoline is HUGE.

We thought she was ready for gymnastics, and with the promise of a girly, crushed velvet leotard waiting in the wings (thank you Tonya B.), Lilly was out the door and strapped in her car seat faster than you could say Mary Lou Retton.

Tonight--her first gymnastics class--turned out to be one of the highlights of my parenting experience so far.

Happiness? Joy? Giggling? Glee? Bouncing? Bounding? Flipping? A myriad of "Again, mama!" and "My turn, my turn!"? Yep. All of the above, in large doses.

She even made a new buddy. Here she is showing her mirror friend her smiley face hand stamp.

Lilly Ruth-Sweet-Yee . . . you are a superstar. SUPER. STAR. Tonight brought me great joy. It's the reason a gal wants to become a parent in the first place. You stole the show. I love you.


  1. We must have been separated at birth or somethin'...I was just putting together a collage of trampoline pictures to post tomorrow.

    Glad to see your weather is mimmicking ours a tad. We are off to Legoland for the next 2 days...never been before...lots of pictures to some I'm sure. xo