Monday, June 7, 2010

Pinkalicious Felt Cupcakes

Ever had a book you just fell in love with--one that was totally YOU? That's THIS BOOK for my Lilly girl. So how better to surprise her on her upcoming third birthday than with a set of her very own Pinkalicious cupcakes?!

Do you have a Pinkalicious princess/Pinkerbelle/Pinkerella in your house? Do you know a little girl who loves all things pink? A set of these felt cupcakes paired with a copy of Pinkalicious would make a sweet birthday gift for any little girl.

To make a set of your own, follow my recipe for:

(Picture scanned from book, Pinkalicious. Photoshopping effects (text) by Nathan :)

Step 1: Gather supplies--large red and itty bitty white pom poms, pink rick rack, an assortment of white beads, embroidery floss, hot pink and pastel pink felt.

2. Cut the circle from the center of a cupcake liner. Snip away a one inch portion from the edge, tapering toward the center. Discard this snippet.
3. Pin your two pattern pieces to the hot pink felt and cut around each.
4. Trace your circle pattern piece onto pasteboard and cut out. I used a Kix cereal box.

5. Overlap ends of your long piece a bit and stitch from the top end to what will be the bottom end of your cupcake.
6. When you reach the bottom, nestle the felt circle inside and begin stitching around the entire base.
7. Set finished felt liner upside down on the pastel pink felt. Trace around (or just make light dot marks) and cut out.

8. Your pastel circle is ready to decorate. Eyeball the center and sew on a large red pom-pom. Tip: when stitching a pom-pom, go straight up through the center of it and then straight back down the center close to where you came up with the needle. Sew your sugar sprinkles on next (beads).
9. Place your pasteboard circle (remember--the Kix box?) down inside the cupcake base (this provides a bit of structure) and begin stitching the pastel pink top to the hot pink liner.
10. Leave an opening and stuff with Fiberfil, then finish stitching.
11. Hot glue rick rack around the top.

Tea party time. Enjoy!


  1. um....yum! Awesome tutorial. If only I sewed!

  2. This craft is so darn cute it makes me wish I had a little girl!!!

  3. Love this idea, my granddaughter is a lover of pink and also loves to pretend she is making treats to feed everyone. I had an idea to take this to a miniture stage. Use the mini cupcake holder for a pattern and use tiny rickrack, pompoms etc. to make a set of cakes that would fit in a small muffin play tin. Just a thought from someone who likes minitures and the challenge of scaling down while keeping the details intact.

  4. These are so precious. Way cuter than PBK's version!

  5. I have no need for a pinkalicious cupcake.
    Unless it is the actual eating variety.
    But it doesn't stop me from wanting one :)
    Tres cute my friend!

  6. You crafty girl you!! What a great mama you are!

  7. such an adorable craft!!! they look fabulous! thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. I bow down to you, oh crafty one, and super mom!

  9. Love this idea! am going to try it tonight when the rascals are in bed. :)

  10. Where do you buy your itty bitty pom poms?