Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Weeks

This chart, started three weeks ago, has made life so much easier and more pleasant. (I told you I loved charts--see? I subject other members of my family to them, too.):

By the way, I believe it is important to always have one spiritual component on the chart. We want well-rounded kiddos, right? Plus, it keeps Nathan and me accountable to read a Bible story even on nights when we are home late, etc.

After filling the chore chart for three weeks in a row and earning $3 per week, today was THE DAY. He wanted one thing: Star Wars Legos. Since he finally beat the Wii Lego Star Wars game this week, it was only fitting he would earn his first actual set of the toys.

Nathan and I were so impressed at how he followed the directions and supremely focused on his task.

Mission accomplished.

What do YOU do to help your kids grow into responsible adults? I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. I love the chart! My girly is too little for charts and chores (she's 8 months). I try to keep her play area moderately picked up and talk to her as I'm sorting toys into the right baskets. I've always struggled with not being organized, so I'm trying to avoid that for her. We'll see if it works!

  2. Very sweet! Kudos to you for using this helpful chart for your two sweet babes :)

  3. My kids are a bit older. They each have chores. They do not get their allowance for those chores if we have to constantly remind them to do them. They earn the allowance by doing their chores on their own. No one calls you to remind you to go to work, so no one reminds them to do chores. It works pretty well.

  4. Charity. We do projects year round and especially during the holidays, too. I started each of them very early trying to understand how we have to give as a family to serve God and help others.

    Will never forget Carter's chant, "But poor kids don't yike toys!" as I explained to him at age 2 what each pile from the playroom represented. This is to save for siblings. This is to give to the poor, etc. Maybe I started too early. :)

    Love your charts!

  5. love the charts too
    the boys have a paper-route and save up for big things -- xbox 360 and currently trampoline

  6. We make our oldest buy most of his own toys. He was getting very greedy and demanding we go to the store to buy him something so we created a bank for him to save money in. We count it each day to see how much he has and then remind him how much more he needs in order to buy the toy he currently wants. He earns most of the money through completing his chores but sometimes grandparents chip in a bit.

  7. The boys don't get an "Allowance" but instead "Commission" because in the real world-you don't get paid if you don't do the work/job. They get $1 for each year they are in school (Ex: Grade 3 = $3). If they go above and beyond expectations, they can earn more; if their behavior is poor or they don't get their chores done-they don't receive anything. That's what's happening at our house-for what it's worth-lol!
    BTW-Awesome job on your continued persistence with workouts and healthful living!

  8. Thank you for all the inspiration you give me. As a grandmother of a soon to be 5 year old, a 2 year old and another baby to arrive in December, you have really helped me get going. My mother with Alzheimer's lives with us and juggling everybodies needs is at times overwhelming, but reading your blog reminds me that everyone is out there doing their best to love, teach and grow in God's grace. All the little things do matter and encouraging each other is so important. I'm a big live healthy person and I'm so impressed with your new life style choice. You go girl!