Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cloud 9

JUNE 30, 2010: A very happy 9th anniversary for we two . . .

"I know, I know, the wind will blow, the sky may shake but your arms will hold
When I'm on your mind, I'm on Cloud Nine.
The way I feel, without tears, I'm floating, light, in your atmosphere;
when I'm on your mind, I'm on Cloud Nine . . ."
--Leigh Nash, Cloud Nine (one of my favorite songs, especially today!)

I am so thankful to be walking beside my best friend through this crazy life journey.

Love you, sweets! Happy 9th!


  1. Such a pretty bride!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. What SWEET wedding pictures of you and Nathan! I don't have to know you well to know what a special couple you two are. Happy 9th Anniversary.....may you have a long and rewarding life together and may God keep you in His loving care.

  3. Happy, happy 9th Anniversary to such a sweet couple! Randy and I are celebrating our 40th in a few weeks! Praising God for marriage!

  4. gorgeous... i think your bridesmaids may have worn the same as mine... only in black. very classy lookin' wedding!

  5. You are gorgeous! Happy anniversary :) We are just a bit ahead of you...June 22nd, 1991. We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Next June we are going on an Alaskan cruise :)

  6. you look like a porcilian sp? doll R! Happy belated anniversary and Birthday to sweet Lilly! Enjoyed reading through your precious blog tonight, your garden produce looked delish too! Ok I could go on and on...but hadbetter ZZZZ....xoxo amyb