Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harvest Time

First harvest from our backyard garden.

Teaching this monkey that produce doesn't grow off the shelves of the grocery store.

Making a note to self NOT to let things spoil in the veggie drawer--someone worked hard to plant, water, protect, and harvest those green goodies.

Nine years of marriage to this fella:

Means 18 of these

And a one-of-a-kind card designed by him . . .

So beautiful, isn't it? Isn't he?

What are you harvesting these days?


  1. Oh how I wish I could say we were growing something edible. I did just sweep up a lizard's tail off the front door step left by an anonymous cat. Does that count?

    Your harvest looks lovely. Eat it up and quick.

  2. Our broccoli and spinach are finished. They have been our favorites so far...I miss them already!

  3. Cool card ... LOVE the roses :)
    We got lots of lettuce and green onions from our garden, now we are getting a few green peppers, and the cucumber and zucchini are slowly coming in. We are going to have a truckload of tomatoes if they ever ripen up! :) I love the fresh produce but HATE the rabid mosquitoes that live down there by the garden!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary!

  5. yay for fresh produce! we just picked a lot of zuchinnis...need to find a couple good recipes to use them up. I hear you on the spoiling in the drawer...we would never do that;-)

  6. Beautiful roses and a super cool card! You both are so talented :)

    I have tomatoes planted (Julia & Kathryn received seeds for their birthday, and we let then plant the seeds). Two weeks later I moved them to a topsy turvy tomato planter. This is our first "garden". Almost half of the original 10 seedlings have survived me and my transplanting them. They are slowly growing stronger. Perhaps we will have tomatoes by December?

  7. excellent post! I think its a huge important lesson to teach the kids that they can grow something from nothing. such a huge idea...
    Im harvesting ideas, and growing sunflowers and geraniums :)