Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chik-fil-A at Springfield Cards

Chik-fil-A night at the Springfield Cardinals stadium meant Ian's baseball team got to stand with the players, have their names announced, and their pictures on the jumbo-trons at Hammons Field.

Ian is number 8.

There he is on the screen

and in center field.

Lilly and I are beyond glistening at this point.

What a great night. Soon I will post pictures of a fabulous weekend to St. Louis several weeks ago with some of my favorite ladies.

I love summer, don't you?


  1. i love your glasses. fabulous!!!

  2. Adorable! Looks like he had a blast! Love the last picture:-)

  3. So sweet and so precious. A night to remember for a lifetime!
    And what a thrill for Ian!

  4. you got THE BEST pictures of this night. you didn't skip a beat. What a blast. Will he remember it all forever? I hope so. i know you will!

  5. I was there with my Mom (she works at the Chick-Fil-A in the mall) and we had a blast. We also 'glowed' quite a bit that evening!!