Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Sweets

1. My children napping together on my bed right now. Note: my children do not usually nap. Lilly stopped napping over two years ago when Ian did, but the whirlwind of summer requires a few extra winks today.

Lilly still has the stains of our lunchtime strawberries and peaches around her mouth.

See Ian's sore nose? Poor guy with all his allergy issues has had constant bloody noses. So this morning, the ENT cauterized a blood vessel in his nose. He was so brave. He always is. I don't get how such a little person can have so much courage, but he has it.

It's dear how he often sleeps curled up, the same way he has since he was six months old.

2. Ian occupied his time during Lilly's gymnastics class yesterday by writing a "surprise" for his little sis on the MagnaDoodle.
Ian: Mama, what are some things Lilly likes?

He and I decided on Whales (of the edible Goldfish cracker variety), gymnastics, Target and jump(ing). He was so proud to show this to her when her class was finished.

3. Lilly and her notes of love.
Lilly: Mama, can I color a picture for Jess-Jess? (she frequently asks to make pictures for the people she loves)

Lilly calls this picture "Nemo." I'm sure a drawing of the cute little fish of orange and white is buried somewhere beneath all those stickers! The only thing Lilly loves more than princesses is--you guessed it!--stickers. This sweet note will soon be on its way to her great-grandfather at the Veterans' Home.

Side note: Lilly LOVES to practice writing her name, and she seems to be using her left hand more often than her right these days. Hmm, maybe a southpaw like her namesake?

Have any "sweets" of your own to share?


  1. Life is full of sweetness, and things like this post make my heart overflow with joy.

  2. How did you know Ian needed something done about his bloody noses? Aidan has them frequently too but the doctor never seems to be worried about it.