Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Better than Ever

Monday was Nathan's birthday.

He said he felt old. Quite the contrary, I feel he's getting younger.

He has started running. AND biking. He wakes up with the chickens and hits the pavement with his iPod strapped to his arm (running days) or wearing his new bike helmet.

(Mom's sweet feet)

My old mountain bike has become OUR old mountain bike. I am so proud of him. We are young at heart. I hope it is always so.

And I think we'll be seeing some of these signs in HIS future.

Happy birthday, Speed Racer. You're better than ever!

How are YOU staying young?


  1. Funny you should ask... lots of trampoline.

  2. To avoid any confusion, we don't really have chickens.

  3. having as much fun as possible