Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Savoring Summer

Sometimes I think Ozark winters and summers compete with one another for Most Oppressive Season. With heat indexes over 100 degrees all week, cooling centers are opening all around town. Fans are being delivered to folks who are home-bound, and movie theaters are offering discounted shows as an opportunity to avoid soaring temperatures.

It's tough when you open your back door and the heat takes the breath out of you. But enough complaining. My little fam is trying its very best to savor sweet summer anyway, by doing lots of this . . .

It's especially sweet when the doorbell rings and our neighbor buddies are ready to play, also in their bathing suits, inviting us to their yard for sprinklers and popsicles. Our kids play together so much, I think they may just start looking alike. I love that for my children--precious buddies.

I am AMAZED at how the garden has grown--another hooray for the summer season. My pal Melissa has a stepping stone in her garden that reads, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." I believe. I believe!

I know zippo about gardening and am sort of winging it this year. Any tips? Oh, and how does one pick a broccoli crown to ensure another grows in its place? Advice, please.

Of course, we are adjusting to these blue beauties. Ear plugs. Ian is complying without complaint. As usual, he is my hero. Always.

What is your FAVORITE part of summer this year?


  1. hooray for gardens that grow when no green thumb is present! i am not a gardener by any means so i can't help with the broccoli picking:-) our tomatoes and zucchinis are growing like crazy! can't wait to pick some fresh veggies!!! BLT's here we come!!!!

  2. We love swimming and popsicles too. There is nothing better to beat the heat like splashing and sugar! Happy Summer!!

  3. love your garden pics. when you write your book make sure to include that phrase about the kids playing together so much and running the risk of starting to look alike. love it!

  4. Your garden looks fabulous.

    Favorite part of summer? Not sure.....but I do love seeing my flowers bloom and take shape. I love that summer is so ALIVE. Makes me smile.

  5. What beautiful pictures you take. Love your garden. I can only hope and believe that mine will look as beautiful.
    We have blue ear plugs too...with a fashion head band to hold them in. MY guy is good with them too. Thank God.
    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment. I love to meet new blogging friends.

  6. Broccoli is a cool weather crop but you may get a few more heads if you cut just blow the head you have now. Plant more broccoli in mid-August to get fall plants.

  7. I do believe ear plugs are the newest fashion sensation...our are a lovely red-orange color ;)
    AND Miss Lis too big!!

  8. Wow ear plugs have modernized a bit since my boys were sporting them last summmer.

    Right now my favorite part of summer is organizing. I've made a pact...one closet/ bookshelf per day. It is so liberating. Our storage took quite a toll this busy school year. 8 bags have been dropped off at the thrift store in the past 36 hours. Make room!

  9. Hooray for a green growing garden!

    My favorite part of summer is the long evenings with family.