Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy birthday, dad

Happy birthday, dad.

Ian has started a new thing lately--impersonating his grandpa--you. What strikes me is, during these impersonations, Ian has a perma-grin. He laughs constantly, makes jokes, is silly and happy. He says things like, "You did it, Ruthie!" and "Good job, Caleb!" with great exuberance.

If ya ask me, Ian's impression of you is spot-on: the joy you bring, the encouragement you provide, and the laughter you share.

My wish for you is all the joy, encouragement and laughter you so willingly give to others would find its way to you on this precious day.

And I love you. MUCH.


  1. Please pass on a warm birthday wish from us today. I wish that Springfield weren't so far away...

  2. You really do have the best dad :)