Friday, December 11, 2009

Tree and Ornament Goodness

Tree how-to
Purchase a green styrofoam tree from your local craft store.
Buy a ba-zillion toothpicks and break each in half.
Purchase a ba-zillion Christmas marshmallows.
Ditto with gum drops.
I found peppermint star peeps at my local Joann store to use as a topper, but you could just cut a paper star and call it good.
You can probably figure out the rest. It goes something like, stick away until fingers bleed. Merry Christmas.
But, seriously . . . thanks, Denise Schriver, for such a fun idea! Denise used this as a game--tables had all supplies and trees were the centerpieces. Table members were instructed to decorate the trees, but were timed! You can imagine the results . . .

Chalkboard ornament how-to
Buy wooden die-cuts at the craft store (found mine at Hobby Lobby--99 cents for a four pack!)
Paint with chalkboard spray paint.
Add a chunky button and thread.
Get your creativity on with some chalk and these original works of art. Use as gifts, gift tags, stocking labels, or ornaments. Wow!

Chalkboard ornament idea found here. I'm sure you will immediately want to bookmark Kellie's blog when you hit that link. She is amazing. One of my favorite blogs on the planet. Uber-creative, super-sweet--you'll love her and want to re-create her ideas. Thanks, Kellie, for a new take on ornaments!

Hand-drawn ornament how-to
Purchase muslin fabric. Bonus: it's SUPER cheap, and easy to find--even Wal-Mart carries it.
Trace around a bowl and cut out. My circles are 5 1/2 inches.
Child draws a picture with thin markers.
Sew around, sewing a bit of ribbon for the top and leaving a small opening.
Stuff with fiber-fil.
Sew opening closed.
Write child's name and the year on the back.
Special thanks to some elf artists who drew my ornaments: Ian, Lilly, Emilia, Taylor and Zachary. Amazing job, little helpers!

Fab Five: Ideas for decorating a clear glass ornament
1. Fill with pom poms. (Isn't this cute?) An extension to this idea would be stringing a pom pom garland with a needle and thread for a mini tree, then adding these ornaments. Love this!
2. Embellish the outside with all kinds of goodies. These beauties were found locally at the Scrap Nook.
3. Add a monogram (my personal favorite). Letter stickers from American Crafts. Rub-ons can also be used.
4. Isn't this pretty?! Roll paper tightly around a pencil and hold for about 30 seconds. Slide into ornament.
5. Insert a peacock feather (sound like a punchline to anyone else?). In a fancy-schmancy house, aka not mine, these would be so lovely in a big, glass bowl. Peacock feather found at Hobby Lobby--no birds were harmed in the making of this ornament.

Any questions? Email me! Thanks for looking!


  1. i have a bigger version of #5. don't know why it didn't occur to me to make one! i totally overpaid, but now am going to get busy making a set of these for my tree :) thanks for the fab ideas